How to burn soy candles

How to burn soy candles

Our eco-friendly product will work well for anyone concerned about the environment. Soy candles burn much longer than traditional paraffin candles because they contain only high-quality soy wax and oils. An additional advantage is the absence of harmful chemicals during the burning of the candle. The product will put you in a pleasant mood, but you can also take care of your candle. We suggest how to do it and invite you to read our guide to burning soy candles.

The most important first burn

Natural products like soy candle require special care and treatment from us. The first use of a candle is actually the most important, because it is the so-called memory of the first use. Subsequent burning of the candle will melt the soy wax to where it was melted the previous time. Take care then to melt the wax over the entire surface of the candle. By doing so you also avoid tunneling and enable yourself to use the candle completely. Tunneling causes the candle to burn incorrectly because too little oxygen restricts the flame. We should not burn the candle for more than 4 hours because after this time the oils will have oxidised too much.

Wick length and trim

The wick is a very important factor in the proper burning of a soy candle. This rule applies to any type of candle. The flame, which is held on the wick, should have good access to the wax. We therefore advise that the wick should extend above the surface of the wax by about 3-5 mm. Too long a wick means restricted access to the wax and an uneven burning of the candle. A good practice when burning soy candles is to trim the wick. This prevents the candle from flickering. You can trim the wick with nail scissors or pliers because it will be easier to get inside the glass container.

The right place for a soy candle

A candle flame does not like drafts or wind, so you should not place candles on a window. Locating the candle near the wind can also cause it to burn faster. It is a good idea to place the soy candle in the center of the room. No curtains, drapes, decorations or plants should hang above the candle. Candles are a great idea for relaxation, but keep in mind, however, that it is the actual fire in your apartment or home.

Take care of your furniture

Try to burn the soy candle on a coaster as this will protect the furniture from possible damage. The glass jar may get hot during burning and damage the surface of the table or dresser. You can find special coasters for soy candles in online stores. You can also use candle lids or cup liners from kitchen appliances.

Storing the candle

You can store your favorite soy candle at room temperature. However, you should protect it from sunlight. The wax will then retain its color and will not deform. If the candle has been stored in a very cold room, warm it up slightly in your hands before lighting.

Be near a soy candle

Fire is an element that is sometimes hard to control. You should snuff out your candle and cover it with a lid before leaving the house. Full control over the burning of the candle will ensure your safety when using it.

Be eco-friendly!

After burning the soy candle, wash the glass container and use it for storing small items, for example. Our glass jars are very stylish and can decorate a room. We recommend not burning the candle to the end. Leave about 1 cm of wax on so that cleaning will be much easier.

Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours

Scented soy candles release their scent practically as soon as they are lit. After a certain burning time, the wax is already melted over the entire sheet. You should not move the candle at this time so as not to dirty its walls. The maximum burning time for a soy candle is about 4 hours. If you burn your soy candle for a long time, the wick may shift, making it difficult to use your soy candle.

Practical tips for burning soy candles

We have also collected candle tips so that you can enjoy it for a long time and with all the safety rules:
- don't lean over a lit candle: this can cause your eyelashes or hair to burn,
- Keep soy candles out of the reach of animals and children. Accidental impact can cause wax spillage or burns,
- do not carry a lit candle as you will get dirt on the walls
- keep the wax surface clean,
- do not carry a lit candle because it will get dirty, keep the wax surface clean, do not place a candle near a heat source

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