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Pomegranate Noir Soy Candle

Pomegranate Noir Soy Candle

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The aromatic scent of this soy candle is something you have to experience. A timeless, original, and unique composition will fill your home with a wonderful scent. It combines cardamon, lime, lemon, thyme, and pink pepper. The heart of fragrance consists of patchouli, lily, hints of apple plum, and raspberry and leads to the base: amber, cedarwood, guaiac wood, and cissus. Nothing to add, nothing less - it only remains to light the wick of the candle and experience itself.

Candle Details

Candle size: 160g / 5.6

Burn time: 40-50 hours


Top Notes: pink pepper, cardamon, armoise, thmyme, lime, lemon
Heart Notes: clove, patchouli, lily, apple, plum, raspberry
Base Notes: amber, Tobacco, cedarwood, guaiacwood, cistus and musks.

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Are soy candles healthy?

Of course! All our soy candles are handmade of 100% soy wax.

Soy wax comes from vegetables (soybeans). In contrast, cheap candles are made of paraffin wax, which comes from crude oil (a refined gasoline product, yuck!).

Our soy wax candles:
- candles made of 100% ecological certified soy wax
- soy candles are non-toxic and completely safe for humans, including pregnant women, allergy sufferers, children and animals.
- it is a conscious choice for people who care about nature
- soy wax candles are soybean seed candles, all natural, suitable for vegans
- handmade soy candles are eco-friendly and biodegradable
- soy candles produce a negligible amount of carbon dioxide, do not drip when burning, and soot does not settle in the room
- soy candles have a lower melting point than paraffin wax, thanks to which they burn three times longer. Candila candles with a capacity of 200 ml burn for more than 40 hours.

Burning time? Over 40h! 🔥

With our soy candles you will spend not one, but several evenings and mornings! Our single candles have a capacity of 200 ml, which translates into over 40 hours of burning!

Good advice:
- before using it for the first time, wait for the candle to reach room temperature
- when you burn a candle for the first time, wait until its entire surface has melted, thanks to which the candle will burn evenly every time
- candles are best burned for no longer than 3-4 hours (once)
- before each subsequent firing, it is best to trim the wick to 0.5 cm (calculated from the wax surface). The candle will burn as beautifully as the first time, and you will be able to enjoy its values for a long time
- let the candle solidify evenly, you will be sure that it will burn out evenly
- enjoy the moment spent in the company of wonderful fragrances!